BidCRM is a powerful cloud based CRM & eCommerce platform for creating online local stores, selling your products to your local customers,automating sales & marketing with a complete suite of CRM solution ...

CRM & Online Store

BidCRM is a powerful cloud based CRM system integrated with Email & Social media platform. Using BidCRM, create an online portal with just a click of button. Automate your marketing and sales process with Email and Social, create your own marketing campaign, build your own subscription list and target your customers, offer promotions, discounts and increase your sales. A custom made web site comes handy with an eCommerce portal, upload items or ask our help....

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Local Stores & Virtual Mall

BidCRM is targeting to create local virtual mall for entire nation. Be a Grocery, Restaurant, Hardware, Repair or Gift shop, BidCRM can be your partner for any size or any segment of your business. If you can sale online and like to out source your complete eCommerce business without investing time and resource, BidCRM provides you that service. Get orders from your local customers close to your city, pay us a small commission for each order and a small setup fee...

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eCommerce & Marketplace

BidCRM also coming with a nation wide market place similar to Amazon and eBay. Becoming a store owner, you can target now nation wide consumers besides your own local communities with a selected number of items. BidCRM marketplace application will help you to grow your sales target with nation wide reach without any extra cost to you. Use multiple sales channels and improve your sales, grow your business faster than before. Target new customers locally and nation wide ...

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Email Automation
Email & Site Tracking
Web Forms
Channel Marketing
Campaign Automation
Sample Portal
Template Editor
Private Image List
Lead Nurturing
Online Store
Campaign Calendar
Event Calendar
Travel Approval
Reports & Analytics
Social Media Posting
Social Media Reports

Small Business Solutions, get free online store and grow 20% more annually with eCommerce

  • As a small business, you are frequently meeting your customer locally or within your shop. If you own a shop, your customers are daily visiting you in your shop. Why do you want to stop here?
  • ​ Research shows that eCommerce business is growing 20% annually and in 2020 the target market size will exceed almost $650 billions. If you like to grow your business faster, you must use online sales channel like BidCRM local stores network. If you are a small business , you may not have sufficient resource to create and maintain your own eCommerce site. Besides that, you need additional investment to promote your site and bring traffic to your site. It may not be so profitable for you if you have to do all heavy lifting and like to use Shopify or similar technologies. In the other hand Amazon and eBay will charge you monthly subscription in addition to a large percentage of commission. There are also thousands of shops like you and if your items are not highly ranked or recommended by customers, you may not get so much order.
  • ​ Be partner with BidCRM, we will do all heavy lifting works for you almost free of cost and target local and nation wide consumers. You may have to pay a small setup fee depending on the number of items you would like to setup online. Even if you want to setup by yourself, you will be getting all help and online tools for free. Otherwise send us your item list and photos, we will do for you.
  • ​ So why delay? Use BidCRM and create your online portal just in a click of a button, upload your item list using Excel and start selling within few minutes. Use our campaign management tool and CRM, manage your order and fulfill it. Grow your business much faster and make it profitable right now!

Outsource your eBusiness to BidCRM with a small commission

  • If you are a small store or you have a chain of stores, you can now out source your complete eBusiness to BidCRM without any investment up front. There is a negligible setup fee like setting up your items, contents, image etc. But there is no monthly subscription fee or any hidden cost to you. We will do all marketing and advertisement for you, do flyer campaigns, target local communities and bring orders to you. You will have a complete peace of mind and only can focus to your own business with a little percentage of commission.
  • ​ In addition to this, get an individual eCommerce portal for your business. Use this portal as a link to your own site, social media channels like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Promote your own independent site and get more orders for you.

BidCRM provides a complete Suite of CRM and Supply chain for your business

  • Along with your eCommerce portal, BidCRM provides you a complete CRM solutions for free. Using our CRM, you can create your own Email subscription list directly from your portal, launch multiple email and social media campaigns, design and publish your own email and social media content, target more than 50 social media sites, generate your own lead and nurture leads, create quote and orders, create leads , contact, contract and many other functions which come with all classic CRM application.
  • ​ BidCRM is startup company and we are a growing networks of small businesses and stores. We are now targeting groceries, restaurants, hardware, other local stores within our chain of local stores network. In near future, we will be providing delivery services with our own communities of local drivers. However, at this time, you can use your own delivery services or you can help us to grow our delivery network with your known drivers or friends who can do this service for you. BidCRM will provide you all necessary supply chain and technology for processing your order and delivery services.

A growing network of consumers and online stores in BidCRM Virtual Mall

  • BidCRM network is growing faster. We are adding new stores daily. So be part of our network and use our free services to grow your business more faster than before.
  • ​ If you are already having an eCommerce site, still you can have your 2nd online store in our virtual mall. Many different shoppers are visiting our local virtual mall everyday. They will visit your shop and your shop will be known to those shoppers whom you never can imagine to target by your own. An extra order does not harm, it only helps you to go some extra steps in your growth ladder. So don't think but join us and grow now!